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  • Model No.:ITFLSWR_WEAR33
  • Made in:Taiwan
  • Price:USD$ 4.5 ~ 4.5
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water transfer printing decal paper

Key Features

1. New film-less(none out line border halo) NON-FIRE water-slide transfer paper decal printing, special for coated/uncoated metal steel, enamaled surface, crystal, carbon composite materials, fiber-glass, ceramic, marble stone, plastics, woods,---. It suitable for toys-model, golf /fishing rods, sports goods, tennis rackets, bicycle parts, most of metal parts, glass-lamp ware, ceramic-mug,wood furniture,kitchen cabinet, wine-bottle, industrial switch, panal enamaled products, ----, surface decorations.

2. Ideal for transfer to irregular curved or any difficult printing shape surface, very good durability after final clear coating.

3. Options: 

  Soak transfers into water 20-30 seconds, place wet transfers on substrates & squeezee to push the water bubbles under neath the transferred decals before take off the top clear carrier coat. After push out the air bubbles, water, thoroughly then let it air dry or on oven/dryer at low temperature untill totally dry, then peel off the top printed  clear carrier coat. before clear coating please use damp rag gently wipe surface to remove the residual-gum of water slide paper. Be sure totally substrates dried, and then spray your protective coating finally if need.

4. This new film-less decal water slide transfers was good adhesion for most of smooth/glossy surface without protective coating when curing at 140-160 Celsuis degrees for 20-30 minutes. 
Samples with customers' registered trademarks, logos and diagrams are for demonstration only and not available for sale.

Main Export Market

Brazil ,France ,Germany ,Hong Kong ,India ,Italy ,Japan ,Korea, South Korea ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Singapore ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom ,United States

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Min. Order Quantity:500 Sheet/Sheets